Landscape photographs from around the Country of Norway


Thank you for looking at my gallery of images taken in Norway. Norway is an an amazing country with very friendly people and so many beautiful places to go and see. I would recommend visiting Norway to anybody. I have been lucky enough to visit a few places and during a trip out there in January 2016 was treating to seeing the Northern Lights on a total of 5 nights out of the 7 that we were away for! All the images seen on this page are for licence or for sale, send me a message for more information


Tromvik II

Gold Top

Arctic Jetty

Norway Panoramic

Arctic Sunrise

Arctic Sunrise II

Arctic Sunrise III

Sommarøy Sunrise

Sommarøy Sunrise II

Sommarøy Sunrise III

Sommarøy Sunrise IV

Sommarøy Sunrise V

Ersfjordbotn Aurora

Ersfjordbotn Aurora II

Grøtfjord II

Grøtfjord Aurora

Litlevatnet Aurora

Litlevatnet Aurora II

Litlevatnet Aurora III

Litlevatnet Aurora IV


Steinfjord II

Wild Reindeer


Orca II

Norwegian White

Devil's Teeth

Senja Swirl

Senja Sunrise

Senja Sunrise II

The Red Hut

The Golden Hour

Fire & Ice

On The Rocks

In Reflection

Sweden by night